Chapter 8 vehicles and carded operatives

Chapter 8 Traffic Management Services

Chapter 8 vehicles and carded operatives

Vehicles involved in works on Highways or Motorways need to adhere to Chapter 8 regulations.

This includes the appropriate markings, chevrons and beacons. They also come with basic traffic management equipment. We own a range of Chapter 8 vehicles of different sizes and can supply these to clients with carded operatives. Whether it be for long term planned works, emergency day hire or mid- term extra support.

Our vehicles are clean and well maintained at all times. They are all under three years old and are tracked so we always know where they are.

We pride ourselves on our operatives arriving in well-presented uniform including 6 point PPE.

Being able to access this service enables our clients to take on larger contracts without having to necessarily own all the vehicles required.

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